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Sponsorship program has positive impact for transitioning service members

The ETS Sponsorship Program supports service members and their families by improving the transition experience, getting ahead of possible challenges such as employment, housing, education, or other social determinants of health. Service members can sign up for a sponsor regardless of discharge status or enrollment in VA. Sponsors are also trained to provide social support and help reduce risk factors related to Veteran suicide. If you would like to help, get involved

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Make Your Mental Health a Priority this Holiday Season

Deployments and COVID concerns are just two factors that have the potential to impact service members’ this holiday season. You should take time to think about ways to strengthen your mental health. If you’re still feeling depressed or anxious and need some help, talk to your doctor. TRICARE offers services to support your mental health needs. In addition, there are many non-clinical counseling and support services that can be very helpful.

connecting with veterans

Create community this holiday & connect with other Veterans

Holidays can be a difficult time for many Veterans, especially those who may be separated from friends & family due to distance or COVID-19, and connecting with former service members helps alleviate stress and loneliness. Many Veterans also miss the camaraderie and kinship they felt during service. Or they may find it difficult to relate to those outside the military. Creating a new community of Veterans or reconnecting with former service

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Remembering the Military Medical Heroes of Pearl Harbor

For the Navy medical corps, Dec. 7, 1941, offered the first large scale medical emergency with the attacks on Pearl Harbor. We honor the service men & women who selflessly aided the hundreds of injured & burned causalities that day. From their first realization of an enemy attack, the doctors, dentists, nurses, and corpsmen were unexcelled in personal bravery, in determination, in resourcefulness, and in their capacity to put into practice


Parkinson’s disease awareness: Answering Parkinson’s questions from Veterans

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the 2nd most common neurodegenerative disease in the U.S., after Alzheimer’s, and approximately 110,000 #Veterans with PD receive treatment through VA. Most people with Parkinson’s develop symptoms at 50 years of age or older, with this number rising as our population ages, including the number of veterans diagnosed with the disease. While living with Parkinson’s can be challenging, an early diagnosis and beginning treatment can help people

wounded warriors

Wounded Warriors and Caregivers Online Resources

There are a lot of places for Wounded Warriors & their caretakers to go online for information or support, & the Defense Health Agency’s Recovery Coordination Program ensures uniform guidelines & standards for their care. The Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program consists of several programs, including the NRD, the Education and Employment Initiative, Operation Warfighter, the Military Adaptive Sports Program, Caregiver Support, the Caregiver Resource Directory and the Warrior Care blog.

veteran jobs

VA and Heroes Foundation create employment opportunities for Veterans

VA and the Heroes Foundation work to improve Veterans’ health and wellbeing, providing opportunities for economic stability, community Veteran engagement boards, employment and health literacy. Most importantly, it will raise employer awareness of the risk factors of suicide and VA suicide prevention tools for Veterans. This is vital. Research shows that lack of employment and low income can contribute to poor Veteran health outcomes. That includes suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.

water therapy

Aquatic therapy helps Veterans overcome physical and cognitive challenges

Veterans are referred to participate in aquatic therapy for a variety of reasons that include chronic pain, obesity, metabolic pathologies, depression, PTSD and neurological disorders and conditions, as well as the need to improve their overall physical. Aquatic therapy programs provide Veterans with a unique experience that helps to improve their individual health related goals, extends benefits experienced through earlier phases of physical therapy and treatment, and provides education on strengthening,

cancer screening

Cancer screenings help save lives. Schedule your VA preventive screening today.

The earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance treatment will be successful. VA recommends routine screenings for four cancers: lung, colon and rectal (colorectal), breast and cervical. Age and certain risk factors, such as a past or current history of smoking and family history, all determine when you qualify for a cancer screening. Delays in screenings mean delays in timely diagnoses. This is why it’s so important to get your