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Employee of the Quarter

Employee(s) of the Quarter (Q2 2021)

Cedric Mosley – VA Customer Service Representative North Region Cedric has been with Mid-Cities Medical since March 2021, where he quickly learned his role and compassionately stepped-up to help and train the newest team members in his department. His caring and cheerful heart shines bright with everyone at the Grand Prairie office, as well as his daily patient interactions. “Cedric came in like a

military health system

Military Health System Transformation Will Improve Care & Innovation

The restructuring of the Military Health System (MHS) will make it easier to spread medical innovation across the force and improve care for warfighters, families and retirees. The changes to the MHS that Congress approved several years ago will place all military hospitals and clinics under the purview of the DHA. That will mark a big change from the longtime structure of allowing the individual services to oversee their own medical facilities.

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