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command team

Fort Hood female command team leads unique mission

1st Sgt. Amanda Hoover and Capt. Rosa Meeks, one of very few female command teams in the Army, are carving out their place in history as the first-ever command team of the People First Center. With 10 years of experience in the Army, Hoover admitted that it is often difficult to find a female battle buddy who balances out one’s own qualities. With Meeks, however, Hoover has found that unique dynamic.

VA conversation

Helping Veterans dispel myths about VA health care

When you talk to other Veterans, are you surprised to learn they don’t get their health care through VA? By sharing this information, you can help them understand VA #healthcare and encourage them to access the care they deserve. Visit to learn more about eligibility and apply today. If you are already enrolled, please help us do some myth-busting and encourage other Veterans to apply.

womens history month

Celebrating women who made history, set groundwork for future generations

During Women’s History Month, people nationwide celebrate women’s achievements and contributions to American history, often attained with courage and sacrifice of thousands, if not millions, of persevering women. Women have founded many of our philanthropic, cultural, educational and charitable institutions. Women have served our nation with valor and distinction during wartime, nursing the wounded, piloting airplanes, performing vital jobs in defense plants. learn more  

ask the doc

Can a Concussion Affect Hearing and Vision?

A concussion can cause inner ear (vestibular) damage which may result in dizziness, anxiety, depression, moodiness, balance problems and irritability to name a few. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, a physical therapist for the Fort Drum Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Clinic, New York, answers your questions. learn more  

hearing loss

Ringing in Your Ears Might Be a Sign of Hearing Loss

Linked to their work environments, many service members and veterans suffer from tinnitus, a symptom of hearing loss that causes people to hear a constant noise – typically described as a ringing or buzzing. Tinnitus is usually connected to hearing loss but it can also affect your concentration, reaction time and short-term memory, and can be associated with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. More veterans make benefits claims for tinnitus and hearing

heart happy veteran

Navy Veteran heart happy after special procedure

TNearly one year ago to the day, Walter Meekins, a Vietnam Veteran from Cleveland, Texas, became a candidate for a special procedure called a percutaneous coronary intervention protected stent. “We knew the procedure went well but the real success is when our Veterans go home and live happy lives,” said Interventional cardiologist Dr. Mirza Umair Khalid. “Seeing Mr. Meekins here a year later feeling so great is incredibly rewarding for us

army readiness

Top Military Health Leaders Discuss Future Readiness

Top #military health leaders from the Army, Navy and Air Force along with the Joint Staff surgeon & the director of the Defense Health Agency discussed their vision for sustaining & improving a medically ready force & a ready medical force. A new national security strategy is likely to be published soon and that may impact the discussions and plans about what the military needs to be prepared for. “We need

The Ninety-Nines

Aviation Soldier speaks on her inspiration to serve

Advice to any woman who hears the call to serve in the U.S. Army, your legacy cannot outlive you if you refuse to live out your legacy. Today is the history of tomorrow, so it’s best to act accordingly. Founded in November of 1929 by women aviators, for women aviators, the Ninety-Nines forged the way for women in aviation, utilizing their influence for the generational benefit of future female aviation enthusiasts.


Teeth Grinding: You Won’t Believe How Harmful it Really Is

Are you a teeth grinder or a jaw clencher? Technically called bruxism, involuntary teeth grinding can crack or fracture your teeth, requiring crowns or dental implants and leading to periodontal disease or lost teeth. Teeth grinding can cause chronic pain in your head, neck and ears, leading to migraines, noise sensitivity and tinnitus. And in the most severe cases, you might need a total joint replacement for the hinge on your

success leaves footprints

Success Leaves Footprints: DHA Observes Black History Month

The Defense Health Agency celebrated Black History Month by hosting a panel discussion, sharing stories of cultural pride as black Americans and perspectives on the lessons we can learn from studying black American history. “There’s no point in doing something if you’re not going to help the greater good… If you’re creating a path, those who follow are that much further along the path.” learn more