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Achieve your health goals from your kitchen

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month and the perfect time to share real-world examples of how Veterans achieved their health goals. According to 2019 data from the CDC, only about 1 in 10 adults meets their fruit and vegetable goals. Do not hesitate to contact your local VA to speak with a dietitian if you want to add fresh fruits and veggies into your diet but aren’t sure

GI Bill

The G.I. Bill’s 78th Anniversary – Paving the way for generations to come

Established on June 22, 1944, to provide benefits in support of returning World War II service members, the G.I. Bill has continued to evolve to serve the needs of Veterans and their families. Hundreds of thousands of individuals continue to benefit from the G.I. Bill annually and as education programs have morphed and expanded to recognize the changing goals and needs of beneficiaries, so too has the G.I. Bill.


Relief for chronic post-traumatic headaches

For chronic post-traumatic headaches, providing education on diagnosis, treatment options and supportive encouragement are key factors in helping recovery and improving functional ability. As with all patients, an initial collection of details of the inciting incident, any past treatments, and the individual needs and goals of the Veteran are vital in the creation of treatment goals. learn more  

veteran prosthetic leg

Virtual visits provide follow up care without trip to emergency room

VA Video Connect is extremely useful for #Veterans to manage wound care, especially when they are hours away from the nearest VA facility or do not have immediate access to transportation. Virtual visits also act as an alternative to in-person care if there is no need for hands-on medical care by VA staff, and Veterans can use the app to connect with their VA provider, who will analyze the

flag day

Honoring the Flag

Twice a day on U.S. military posts around the world, time stops as honor is rendered to the Colors. “Integrity, loyalty, respect,” all the Army values, are put into this detail every day. The flag detail are charged with the responsibility of caring for the Colors and signaling the beginning and the end of the duty day. Being involved in the flag detail causes you to take time in your life

hurricane season

It’s hurricane season! Are you ready?

With the start of June, Texans know two things for sure; that the Summer heat is here to stay for a while and that hurricane season has begun. Yes, this is your yearly reminder to be hurricane-aware, and these are some things that can be done to ensure you are prepared for this year’s storm season. learn more  

burnout providers

How Health Care Providers Can Mitigate Burnout

When the demands of the mission mount up, all military service members can be at risk of burnout. But what about the health care providers themselves? For military health care professionals, taking care of yourself is a key part of the mission. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the men and women who run the military health system have faced an enormous workload, with seemingly no end in sight. Unfortunately, health care

mental health

Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Current Events

Military families have a unique connection to war, regardless of when or where it occurs. And for military children, streams of media images and reports about troubling current events can cause stress and anxiety. Talking to kids openly and honestly about the events they see and hear about can help validate their feelings and make them feel reassured that they are safe and loved. learn more