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volunteers of america

Group offers support for Veterans battling moral injury

Volunteers of America offers support for #Veterans battling moral injury – the guilt, shame, distress or self-condemnation for violating his or her moral beliefs in combat by killing someone, witnessing death or failing to prevent the immoral acts of others. Moral injury isn’t a mental health condition like PTSD but it’s symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, withdrawal, relationship problems and an increased risk of suicide, are similar. The nonprofit group

mental health is health care

Mental Health is Health Care

Mental health is an important part of overall health and well-being, and the Military Health System has many resources available to help any service member, families, or veteran beneficiaries who are struggling with mental health challenges. There isn’t one way to think or feel or act. The important thing is to take advantage of all mental health care resourcesgo to mental health resources. Remember that every moment in time can affect

veteran care

VA’s Veteran Directed Care puts the Veteran in charge

VA’s “Veteran Directed Care” program gives Veterans a budget based on their care assessment, putting them at the top of the chain of command. Veteran Directed Care gives Veterans of all ages the opportunity to receive the Home and Community Based Services they need in a consumer-directed way. With the help of a counselor, Veterans hire their own workers to meet their daily needs to help them live at

couch couple

The VA is making debt collection more compassionate and convenient

The VA announced that Veterans will continue to have the option of flexible debt collection relief through the end of 2022, making the experience of repaying a VA debt less stressful. Veterans who previously requested a temporary hardship suspension for their benefit debt will automatically have their suspension extended until December 2022. Veterans now have a central location to access their VBA debt notices, their VHA medical copay statements, and their

national preparedness month

National Preparedness Month: Now is the time

National Preparedness Month raises awareness and encourages emergency preparedness because disasters could happen at any time, without warning, and have catastrophic consequences. This year’s preparedness theme is “A Lasting Legacy – The Life you’ve built is worth protecting. Everyone has a role to play when it comes to preparing for disasters and emergencies. Being prepared for an emergency isn’t just about staying safe during a storm or a disaster. It’s also

woman getting flu shot

No-cost VA flu shots for eligible Veterans

Getting a flu shot protects you, your family and your community and eligible Veterans can get a no-cost flu shot from a nearby VA clinic. To find a flu shot near you, visit our VA locator. No-cost flu vaccines are available at retail pharmacies and urgent care locations from Sept. 1, 2022, through April 30, 2023, and eligible Veterans can choose from one of nearly 70,000 in-network retail pharmacies and

ending veteran homelessness

Tiny shelters one solution to Veteran homelessness

Veterans’ requests for VA to host “tiny shelters” has evolved into a new care delivery model offering big potential. The crisis is especially dire in Los Angeles, where there are more Veterans experiencing homelessness than anywhere else in America. VA encourages all Veterans to learn about and be a part of all the programs we have to offer. No matter what a Veteran is going through, we promise to find solutions

veteran and doctor

Everything you need to know about monkeypox

Working in close collaboration with local and state public health authorities, the VA is ensuring Veterans have access to monkeypox testing, treatment and prevention tools, such as antivirals and vaccines. For Veterans who need the vaccine, the series requires 2 doses per person, 28 days apart. Contact your nearest VA health facility for the latest information. Learn more about monkeypox vaccines on the CDC website Find your nearest VA health

faculty dog

USU Facility Dogs Help De-stress USU Med Students

Daily demands on students at the Uniformed Services University’s F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine can be stressful and that’s where their designated facility dogs come into play…literally. Having the dogs “builds community and adds a little levity,” said Kameha Bell, assistant dean of the Office of Student Affairs’ Well-Being Program. “The ultimate goal is to support the well-being of our community,” she said. learn more