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avilla family

Military Family lives with Faith, Hope, Love, and Prayers

As an Officer with the 720th Military Police Battalion, Capt. Luis Avilla served five combat tours throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Besides relying on a life of service, his family relies on a life of faith and prayers. “We are so grateful to our military family and everything they do. We appreciate military medicine, the pioneers of casualty care, as many of our combat wounded and ill wouldn’t have a life without

cancer moonshot

Cancer Moonshot sees VA deploying new clinical pathways

Since the relaunch of President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, VA has continued its work on collaborative programs that will help understand and defeat all cancers, including ones associated with military environmental exposures. If a Veteran is diagnosed with a rare cancer or a common cancer with an unusual or unique presentation, VA can support them. To learn more and explore the full list of Clinical Pathways, go to

flu week

You Still Can Get Your Flu Shot for Protection

If you haven’t gotten your annual flu and COVID-19 shot yet there’s still time to get yourself protected. You can still be well protected with just one shot. #health #safety #midcitiesmed. Vaccination shots are available at your local military hospital or clinic, through TRICARE, at participating pharmacies, and even temporary clinics. The shots are mandated each year for all those in the armed services to help maintain readiness.

holiday survival guide for veteran women

Holiday survival guide for women Veterans

The holidays can bring happy times and memories but can also cause a great deal of stress and pressure for women Veterans to make this season meet expectations. All these feelings—happiness, stress, sadness, loneliness—are reasonable. Give yourself permission to take a break and get help, for yourself and others. learn more  

lung cancer screening

Lung Cancer is Often Preventable

With a yearly average of 218,500 people diagnosed, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Despite this, lung cancer is often preventable because it is often related to behavioral choices. Unlike some cancers, most symptoms of lung cancer are not discovered until the cancer is advanced. Despite there being no obvious early signs, however, there are symptoms one can watch for. learn more


VA to host town halls for Veterans, families during ‘PACT Act Week of Action’

Benefiting millions of Veterans of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, and post-9/11 eras who were exposed to toxic fumes, burn pits, Agent Orange, radiation and other environmental hazards, the PACT Act may make you eligible for VA benefits and health care. During the week of December 10 to 17, 2022 – “PACT Act Week of Action” – more than 90 VA facilities around the country will be holding in-person town halls