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facility dog

Honoring Facility Dogs Across the Military Health System

Part of a growing number of specially trained facility dogs who boost staff and patient mental health while reducing stress every day at hospitals and clinics across the Military Health System, McAfee ‘Mac’, a Golden Retriever, recently joined the ranks of honorarily commissioned or enlisted military facility dogs. Facility dogs have been around the MHS for nearly two decades working full-time at their assigned locations with virtually free range to visit

woman wearing mask in smoke

Air quality and your health

With a large portion of the country impacted by wildfire smoke this summer, many Veterans are experiencing prolonged symptoms like excessive coughing or difficulty breathing after exposure to smoky air. The best thing you can do during these events is to just stay inside and run the air conditioning. For those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, make sure you have an adequate supply of medications nearby and contact your local clinic or

yoga veteran

Mindfulness in a minute

With a one-minute intention setting practice, you can be reminded how to bring intentions from the heart into your own health, well-being, and daily work life. This short practice can remind you how to bring intentions from the heart into your daily work life simply by remembering to be present. learn more  

musical therapy

Music therapy reduces stress for Veterans

Whether it be creating, listening or engaging in music, music therapy can help Veterans suffering from memory impairments, speech disorders, head traumas and other areas. Getting Veterans to buy in to alternative techniques and letting them know it is a collaboration is only the beginning. Not all music therapy is about playing an instrument or singing. Sometimes it’s just about being comfortable talking about music with someone else.

medical service corps

Medical Service Corps: 106 years of diverse health service

Home to a diverse collection of Soldiers in more than 20 specialties, Medical Service Corps officers have provided health care to veterans, Soldiers and their families for 106 years, including behavioral health, laboratory sciences, preventative medicine, administrative health services, aeromedical evacuation, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry and health service maintenance. There are now more than 8,000 National Guard, reserve and active-duty Soldiers support Army medicine on the battlefield and on garrisons as Medical

army air ambulance

U.S. Army Unit Conducts Helicopter Rescue of Civilian Hiker

When a hiker was injured and sent a distress message to the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office, soldiers assigned to the U.S. Army Air Ambulance Detachment performed an aeromedical evacuation near Navaho Peak, WA. “Successful missions like this are a testament to our air ambulance crews and flight operations personnel; that regularly train to maintain the necessary flight, medical, and operational skills for missions like this,” Maj. Alec DeGroat, USAAAD Commander, said.

Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Veterans set to see cost-of-living increase to their benefits

Signed into law on June 14, 2023, the Veterans Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Act provides a cost-of-living adjustment for Veterans that keeps pace with inflationary costs. Based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), measuring the average change in prices of goods and services to preceding years, the annual COLA now applies to VA benefits as well. learn more