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capt. larry taylor

Big Red One Soldiers support parade for Medal of Honor recipient

Held in honor of Capt. Larry L. Taylor, who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War, Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division participated in a Patriot Day and Welcome Home Parade in Chattanooga, TN. Soldiers of the Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard, the 1st Infantry Division Band, and 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, marched alongside Taylor as he was celebrated down Market Street in

va cancer care

Discovering VA cancer care and wellness for Veterans

Faced with the challenges of cancer, maintaining well-being is of utmost importance and the VA’s National Oncology Program recognizes the significance of healthy living in cancer care. Getting regular physical activity, striving for a healthy weight, being tobacco free and limiting alcohol are all powerful tools for reducing cancer risk, and these healthy lifestyle behaviors are the foundation for preventing and reducing other diseases as well. learn more  

Celebrating 100 years of health care for women Veterans

It wasn’t until after World War I that women Veterans were granted access to government health care. Since those humble days, VA has evolved to meet the unique health care needs of women who have served in the military. Over the years, women Veterans have increasingly served a more active role in our Armed Forces. With more women actively serving and returning from deployments, it became evident that a gender-specific approach

Million Veteran Program

VA’s Million Veteran Program is for every Veteran

Thanks to the participation of Veterans from all backgrounds, and a research program to study how genes, military experiences, and exposures affect wellness, VA’s Million Veteran Program (MVP) aims to improve Veteran health care for all. Veterans seek opportunities to continue their service after their military careers have ended, and as more diverse Veterans join MVP, researchers will gain more opportunities to understand how military experiences and genetics affect overall health


Prepare for the future with VA

From life insurance to burial costs, the VA provides a variety of benefits and services to help Veterans and their loved ones prepare. Having important VA documents organized and easily accessible to your loved ones will relieve some stress after you pass. VA offers life insurance to help Veterans prepare for the future and protect those who matter most. Learn how you can plan ahead with VA benefits. Talking about end-of-life planning

mission command platform

2nd Infantry Division Soldiers test new Army command post tech

Soldiers are testing new gear that aims to achieve the Army’s top priority in communications, to reduce its command post battlefield footprint while improving mobility and agility. It’s important for combat units to be able to tear down move, and stand up their capabilities rapidly. Brigades will consume less time in transitions and the improved survivability makes the C2 structure more resilient to enemy attack.” learn more  


Honoring those who served, sacrificed in the wake of 9/11

Dedicating themselves to volunteering in under-resourced communities, lending a hand during natural disasters and serving in food banks to combat food insecurity, Veterans have consistently risen to the occasion, ensuring that we “never forget” the spirit of unity that defined the nation on 9/11. The Mission Continues’ Veteran-led platoons serve across the country, organizing community projects for Veterans and volunteers to make a tangible community impact and pay tribute to those

veteran healthy living

MOVE! to a healthier you

MOVE! is a nation-wide weight management program designed to improve the lives of Veterans, help lose weight and keep it off, and assist in reaching their health goals. MOVE! Group Sessions has the greatest evidence for success and is the most common way Veterans participate in MOVE! TeleMOVE! is for Veterans who may benefit from frequent reminders to stay on track with their weight management goals. MOVE! Coach is a mobile