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texas ready


In Texas, natural and man-made disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. While all disasters are unpredictable, you don’t have to be unprepared. Make sure your family has a plan for emergencies. Sit down together and decide how you will contact each other and where you will go in an emergency. And if/when a disaster happens, grab your kit and go.

be informed

Be Informed

Natural and man-made disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Be aware of what risks you face and how disasters can affect your physical and emotional health. learn more  ‣

make a plan

Make a Plan

Disasters can strike without warning, so it’s important to make a plan in advance and to share and practice with the whole family. learn more  ‣

build a kit

Build a Kit

Pack essential supplies to support you and your family during all types of emergency situations. learn more  ‣

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Know what potential threats are near your home, work and school, and check the news regularly.

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