26th Year Work Anniversary

Mid-Cities Medical Congratulates

Brian Monthey & Laryssa Wright

During these last 26 years your dedication, professionalism and kindness are inspiring, and we are privileged and proud to have you both here at Mid-Cities Medical. Happy work anniversary!

A few words from your friends and co-workers…

Tracy Reep

The Executive Team, on which Laryssa serves, laughingly call her the “THE BEACON,” as per the definition: a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration. She is able to quickly draw on her vast experience and many talents to help guide the company through any matter of difficulty or challenge. As well, Laryssa is often the first to shine her powerful light and sound her powerful voice to congratulate and reward World Class Care and Service provided by her fellow Mid-Cities Medical teammates! It is truly and honor to serve alongside her for the last 13 years to carry out our Mission to do whatever it takes, every time, to serve our Veteran patients, their Caregivers and our VA customer!

If Laryssa is the “THE BEACON,” then Brian is “THE ROCK” beneath her and the rest of the company! He is steadfast, solid, weather hardened, always dependable and never faltering! For the last 13 years, I have had the distinct honor to work closely with Brian, and the rest of the Executive Team to chart Mid-Cities Medical’s path toward becoming a World Class organization, staffed with World Class talent! To my trusted confidant and advisor, “Cheers!” and “More to Follow!”

Regina Blackwell

So thankful Laryssa was the first person I met her at Mid-Cities. She was so nice and made me feel at home. Living in the same area enjoy sharing traffic reports for traveling to and from work

Brian is your typical IT man. He always asks me “What did you do to it?” I’m just waiting for him to crash and burn on his Segway…zip-zip-zip!

Jessica Allen

Laryssa has always been a great boss. She has a big heart and this is outside of work also. When our desks were a lot closer together, we used to tell funny stories and that would keep our department in a fun atmosphere. I used to tease Laryssa and tell her that she started working at Mid-Cities when I was 9 years old. That would really make her feel old.

Brian, he makes the best Cajun-fried Turkey’s. He’s always been patient with any computer issues I might have. My favorite funny memory is when a former employee and I decorated Brian’s door with “The Grinch” wrapping paper for Christmas.

Sendy Serrano

Laryssa has such a big heart! I remember the day a grasshopper almost jumped on me and I screamed for help! She immediately came to the rescue and caught it in her hands! I told her I would go get something to kill it and she didn’t let me! She was now protecting the grasshopper from me and she intended to save its worthless life. She took him all the way outside and placed him on a bush and said, “go off and live.”

When I think of Brian, I can’t help but visualize him at the office frantically walking back and forth, from and to his office…regularly! He’s constantly being pulled in different directions and I get to witness the moments he stops and thinks where the priorities are. Then, the moments he forgets where he was going and just turns back to his office and takes off as soon as he remembers! Kinda’ (very) funny, but it just speaks a lot of him how much he manages. The show just can’t go on without him!