4th Independence Day – OFFICE CLOSED
7th Islamic New Year
14th Bastille Day (France)
25th National Hire A Veteran Day
27th Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
28th National Buffalo Soldiers Day
29th Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary
1st Thursday runs 07-11-24
2nd Thursday runs 07-18-24✝
3rd Thursday runs 07-25-24✝
4th Thursday runs 07-29-24
*Mercedes only
1st Monday runs 07-01-24
1st Tuesday runs 07-02-24
*Redlands only
3rd Wednesday runs 07-17-24
3rd Thursday runs 07-18-24
2nd Thursday runs 07-25-24
4th Thursday runs 07-29-24
4th Friday runs 07-30-24
✝ except Redlands

Independence Day

Islamic New Year

Bastille Day (France)

National Hire a Veteran Day

Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

National Buffalo Soldiers Day

Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary


7th Purple Heart Day
14th National Navajo Code Talkers Day
19th National Aviation Day
21st National Senior Citizens Day
26th Women’s Equality Day
27th Lyndon B. Johnson Day (TX)
1st Monday runs 08-30-24 (except Mercedes)
*Mercedes only
1st Monday runs 08-05-24
1st Tuesday runs 08-06-24
1st Wednesday runs 08-30-24
*Redlands only
3rd Wednesday runs 08-14-24
3rd Thursday runs 08-15-24
2nd Wednesday runs 08-21-24
4th Thursday runs 08-22-24
4th Friday runs 08-23-24

Purple Heart Day

National Navajo Code Talkers Day

National Aviation Day

National Senior Citizens Day

Women's Equality Day

Lyndon B. Johnson Day (TX)

Mid-Cities Medical

Mid-Cities Home Medical Delivery Service wants to wish each of the VA Prosthetics and Pulmonary Staff members, Doctors and Patients a very safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.

As always, we are here to serve you and your oxygen needs throughout the holiday season. If you need us for an emergency, please call us at (888) 450-6676 Toll-Free (TX) or (833) 986-4267 Toll Free (AZ & CA).