New Employee CSR Test

New Employee CSR Test

1. List three ways to prevent patient cross exposure/infection control items:

2. What is the ICD-10 code for the following diagnosis?

3. Find the Data Entry mistakes in the following addresses.

NOTE: Brightree does not allow symbols as part of file entry. Explain the entry error.
Jason k Smith
123 Freedom LN
Apt # 2A
Smithville, TX 76903
Frank lin Jones
456 3 New Hope Way
Dallas, Tx 75052
JoHn C. Doe aka “Charlie”
1402 South Red Bird St
Lot 813
Happy Hill, TX 7601
Address 1
Address 2
Address 3

4. Please place the following in order of priority.

You have a call coming in on your direct line from your driver for a door tag. At that same moment, you get a page overhead about a patient with a down Concentrator Oxygen machine is down. You also receive an instant message from a fellow CSR that the VA Hospital is on the phone about a traveling patient that needs to leave 2 days from now.

(Brief description is fine. You do not have to rewrite the entire statement on the lines provided.)

List three ways to confirm patient identity to assure that you have reached or are speaking to the appropriate patient or caregiver.

New Employee CSR Test

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