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David N.

5-star 09/21/2021

I recently required assistance and my caretaker, Eric, “saved my life.” His professionalism and patience allowed me to quickly recover and catch my breath. Though I hope to never have a future respiratory problem, if so I certainly want Eric by my side. Eric should be cloned, representing himself, his family and Mid-Cities Medical as a respectful, educated and dedicated employee.

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Jerry B.

5-star 09/17/2021

I just wanted to recognize a young employee of yours that Mid-Cities Medical is fortunate to have. Abel is the most courteous, knowledgeable and professional young person I have encountered. He answers all my questions in a sincere, polite manner and if he doesn’t know the answer, quickly says he will get back to me with an answer. You should be proud to have Abel as an employee.

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Dean H.

5-star 08/02/2021

I look forward to my driver’s visit every month and consider Sebastian a friend. He works very hard to make sure I have all the supplies necessary and explains everything so that I can understand easily. Sebastian is a great representative for Mid-Cities Medical.

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Robert S.

5-star 07/15/2021

Jesse is great and really cares to provide the best of service, making sure I am well equipped, checks all my equipment, and arrives when planned.

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Todd S.

5-star 06/16/2021

I wanted to express my appreciation for Richard (Canales) taking care of me during my O2 setup, going above and beyond and showing a lot of patience with me. I would have loved to have had someone like Richard on my team when I was running my company, and Richard makes Mid-Cities Medical look good.

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Bruce T.

5-star 06/07/2021

Kudos to Sebastian (Salazar) for having a GREAT service attitude. Though I was out of the his area for a routine visit and it was getting late in the evening, Sebastian still showed up with a professional and courteous attitude. He is a great example of world class customer service and I wanted to let you know that Sebastian is a stand-out.

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Rickey K.

5-star 05/26/2021

My driver, Robert Deleon, was amazing. Kind, courteous and great at his job, I couldn’t rave enough about him.

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Robert G.

5-star 05/20/2021

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I really like my new guy, Jose Valdez. When I lost my old driver, I wasn’t too sure about how good the new guy would be but honestly, he’s simply been amazing. You guys need to hire 200 more technicians just like him. Jose is very serious about patient care, listening to what I have to say, and has the biggest heart. It’s apparent you guys care about us and that is very appreciated.

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Cary C.

5-star 05/06/2021

I was very impressed and pleased with my recent service, and my driver, Bradley, really saved the day.

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Don H.

5-star 04/29/2021

I was very grateful for Jessica Allen’s help on an urgent shipping request and wanted to let Mid-Cities Medical know how thankful I am.

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Timothy T.

5-star 04/26/2021

I was surprised at the quality of the system Mid-Cities Medical provided. Though I cannot exactly say why, as a Veteran I wasn’t expecting such a sophisticated system providing such a high level of independence. MCM is a world-class operation with well-trained, professional staff.

I recently returned home from the ER in the late afternoon and your technician, Cris (Ligas), arrived soon after. As he went through the setup, Cris explained what he was doing and how I would be using the equipment, stressing all safety issues carefully and prompting me regularly to ask questions if there was anything I didn’t understand, telling me to call him if I had any future questions. Cris did a great job and I liked him very much.

Later I realized that I had lost some details concerning set-up and went to YouTube for answers, and was very pleased to find your corporate material there. Your presentation was most helpful and I have much more confidence in an official “how-to” instead of something some Joe Schmoe recorded in his basement.

All-in-all, my first experience with Mid-Cities Medical has been excellent and as much as I would like to think my relationship with MCM is temporary, if this is my new lot in life I am glad to be working with you.

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Vertel B.

5-star 04/13/2021

Jessica (Aimes-Paceis) is a great hire. She is super friendly, helpful and double-checks that I get what I need when I need it. Mid-Cities Medical did a good job by hiring her.

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Ronald M.

5-star 03/23/2021

I missed my driver Mike on route day, even if I don’t need anything, and look forward to seeing him. Mike is a good, patient guy, answering any “dumb” questions I might ask.

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David V.

5-star 03/22/2021

Joe Davilla was very helpful and I am sleeping much better because of his help with the swivels. Joe was very patient and I would love to keep him. For example, I had just gotten bad news and was emotional, but Joe talked with me saying he would answer any/all questions. He made me feel more comfortable about using my equipment and I wanted Mid-Cities Medical to know Joe was outstanding!

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Tana K.

5-star 03/18/2021

Eric is a fantastic, sweet human being! I’m sure he helps a lot of people and does a great job but I wanted to call to brag about how sweet Eric is. Mid-Cities Medical is great, also, and I’ve never had a problem with their service.

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Michael W.

5-star 03/17/2021

My driver, Joe Valdez, was absolutely fantastic and his customer service some of the best I’ve ever seen.

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William S.

5-star 03/15/2021

I just want to tell everyone tell everyone how much I will miss Cris (Ligas). He was just an awesome driver and always took such great care of me. Cris is a super guy and really cares about his patients. He will be missed and Mid-Cities Medical has some big shoes to fill.

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Martin P.

5-star 03/15/2021

God bless you all. I am so thankful for what you do for us patients.

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Gordon M.

5-star 03/10/2021

My driver, Mykel Shade, was very nice and professional and I wanted to let top managers know that he left a great impression and took excellent care of me.

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Jose V.

5-star 03/02/2021

Very thankful for all that Mid-Cities Medical does for me.

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Johnny L.

5-star 02/26/2021

I have had several drivers come out to see me the last few months due to emergency stats – Robert Deleon, Mykel Shade, and Reginald Anglin – and wanted Mid-Cities Medical to know that they have all been exceptional and very kind. The customer service was remarkable.

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Cassandra H.

5-star 02/25/2021

Just wanted to let the Home Oxygen Care Committee know how thankful I am for Mid-Cities Medical and all the work Laryssa Wright and the staff on behalf of the VA during a recent event. To got through such an event and not have any complaints is amazing, and am thankful for all the emergency runs MCM was able to accomplish due to power outage/back-up replacement. I could not imagine going through this event with any other vendor and wanted to thank the MCM team for everything.

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Bruce L.

5-star 02/20/2021

My wife wanted to let Mid-Cities Medical know how much she loves Jesse (Zuniga). He is such an amazing driver, really cares, is thoughtful and just great to be around.

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George B.

5-star 02/20/2021

I just want to say thank you to Mid-Cities Medical. You guys are so much better then my last company. They never came out unless I called, if I was lucky, and I might see them once a year if I didn’t. I really feel like the MCM staff cares about me. My drivers are great and the staff is wonderful. For example, here y’all are calling on a weekend just to make sure I’m okay. That really is touching and means a lot to me. Thank you.

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Charles M.

5-star 02/19/2021

Mid-Cities Medical has been really great with me. I’m very happy with MCM.

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Jimmie W.

5-star 02/18/2021

My driver, Andrew, is such a great guy and does a great job!

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Lester M.

5-star 02/01/2021

Eric (Ridge) is so professional, efficient, and just as friendly as he can be, and I wanted to make sure that Mid-Cities Medical was notified of what a great job he’s is doing.

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David M.

5-star 01/25/2021

My route driver, Robert Deleon, was awesome and his customer service was great! Tell his bosses that he did an excellent job!

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Robert F.

5-star 01/15/2021

I really appreciate Robert (DeLeon) for his patience and kindness. He always calls before he arrives, is on-time, and has my order. Kudos!

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Dennis M.

5-star 01/07/2021

I wanted to express my gratitude to David and JR for their care and attention. I just love you ALL!