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Army leaders encourage women to fill STEM roles

The race for talent is real, and the Army is investing in women to fill leadership roles in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for mission readiness. Maj. Gen. Maria Barrett, head of the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, believes the Army cannot leave any talent on the table. “The service needs to bring people in and engage them in a way that encourages them to participate.” Like many

positron emission tomography

Military Medical Research Leads to 18 New Cancer Drugs, other Devices

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) is well known among medical researchers around the world as a hub of cutting-edge healthcare innovation that has impacted health care development inside and outside the military for decades. Based at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the CDMRP is officially a part of the U.S. Army Futures Command, Medical Research and Development Command. In just the past year, they’ve been working on new, high-tech treatments

va rideshare

VA Rideshare program offers homeless Veterans a lift

Veterans enrolled in VHA’s Homeless Program may be eligible for Rideshare transportation assistance getting to and from their place of employment, healthcare and home following their discharge from care. Rideshare provides expanded transportation to eligible Veterans through a collaborative that uses Uber or Lyft transportation. Rideshare increases employment opportunities, improves access to housing resources and health care, and provides transportation to Veterans being discharged. learn more  

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Take charge of your health – one text at a time

How often do you forget to take your medicine? Do you have an exercise routine? When was the last time you took time for yourself to de-stress and relax? If your answers to those questions made you feel uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Most of us tend to take better care of others than we do ourselves. The VA has a way for #Veterans to take charge of their health – one text


Gerofit – Supervised exercise program for Veterans

Gerofit is a supervised exercise program that promotes health and wellness for Veterans. As a part of Gerofit, Veterans are given a personal exercise program based on their physical profile and goals. Participants have shown improved health, physical function and well-being. Gerofit, which was previously only available to Veterans over the age of 65, is currently open to all Veterans. New research funding empowers VA to extend the program to Veterans


PTSD: Help is Available

PTSD can happen to anyone and the Military Health System can help you get diagnosed and provide evidence-based treatment so you can get your life back. Reach out to your local military hospital or clinic and make an appointment today. learn more  

national guard

National Guard chief details contributions of the force over past year

National Guardsmen more than demonstrated their value to America during 2020, vaccinating 12-million people against COVID-19 while thousands worked throughout the pandemic to care for, feed, transport and help fellow citizens. Twenty-one million refers to the “personnel days” Guardsmen and women served during 2020, including troops deployed around the world in support of the Guard’s primary mission: to fight and win the nation’s wars learn more  

adolescent TRICARE beneficiaries

TRICARE Beneficiaries Ages 12 and Older Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

With emergency use authorization and a 100-percent efficacy rate for this age group, adolescent TRICARE beneficiaries are strongly recommended to get the COVID-19 vaccine and is an important step in ending the pandemic. If you’re a parent with a child who’s now eligible for the vaccine, you may have questions about safety. The FDA has conducted a thorough review of the Pfizer vaccine and determined that its potential benefits outweigh potential

mental health care

Reducing the stigma and encouraging mental health care in the military

While the Department of Defense strives to identify and eliminate barriers to care that service members face regarding mental health treatment, stigma remains a significant issue within the military. Eliminating stigma starts with the individual, their immediate network (family, friends, and colleagues), and the broader community understanding that mental health is an element to overall health. Just as you would see your dentist to maintain oral health and a cardiologist to