VA Life Insurance

Top 10 Questions About VA’s New Guaranteed Life Insurance for Veterans

Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife) is VA’s newest whole life insurance program that offers cash value and very competitive premium rates for all service-connected Veterans age 80 and under. Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife) increases access to life insurance for more service-connected Veterans than ever before. learn more   .youtube { overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:56.25%; position:relative; height:0; } .youtube iframe {

disability vs pension

VA Disability & VA Pension: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to Veterans’ benefits, there is a lot of confusion about the difference between VA disability vs. pension. Both are important programs that provide financial assistance but they are quite different. learn more   .youtube { overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:56.25%; position:relative; height:0; } .youtube iframe { left:0; top:0; height:100%; width:100%; position:absolute; }


VETS4Warriors provides 24/7 peer support

This time of year can feel heavy. Veterans in need of support may be coping with loss or trauma and may be recovering from an emotionally challenging holiday season. All of this can lead to stress, anxiety or worse – a crisis. In times like these, peer support is essential. That is why Vets4Warriors has Veterans on-call ready to provide an empathetic, respectful and nonjudgmental ear and solve challenges.

ptsd in the military

Personal experiences with PTSD

Hearing other Veterans talk about their PTSD may help you feel less alone and recognize if you’re having PTSD symptoms. Since many Veterans with PTSD avoid talking about it, the videos on AboutFace can help you learn about the different ways PTSD can look. AboutFace is a website that features over 1,000 videos of Veterans talking about their experiences with PTSD and treatment. You can also learn how

blood donation

January is National Blood Donor Month

Now more than ever, especially in the pandemic, we need to donate and give blood as there has been a shortage of blood donors. What better time than on National Blood Donor Month? Blood is being collected to be shipped out all over the world and we have Army, Air Force, Navy and DOD civilians acting as the local community. learn more   .youtube {

life insurance agent

Protect those who matter most with VA Life Insurance

Life insurance is a key component of an individual or family’s future financial planning, and VA Life Insurance has been serving our Nation’s Veterans, service members and their families for over 100 years. With the right policy and coverage amount, life insurance can cover end-of-life costs, provide an inheritance to family, serve as income to a spouse or cover some outstanding debts. learn more   .youtube

the wall that heals

The Wall That Heals – Traveling Vietnam Wall

The Wall That Heals is a traveling Vietnam Wall that helps thousands of Veterans find the strength and courage to heal within their own communities. Bringing The Wall home to communities throughout our country allows the souls enshrined on the Memorial to exist once more among family and friends in the peace and comfort of familiar surroundings. .youtube { overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:56.25%; position:relative; height:0;

toxic exposure screening

New toxic exposure screening for Veterans

Have you heard about the new toxic exposure screening? If you’re enrolled in VA health care, you can now receive the toxic exposure screening at VA medical centers and clinics across the country, proactively developing a long-term health plan with your care team. If you’re not enrolled but meet eligibility requirements to enroll, you will have an opportunity to receive the screening after you enroll. .youtube {

stress management

Stress Management: You’re stronger than you think

How much stress you experience is determined by how capable you believe you are at meeting the extra demands. The fact is that you’re stronger than you may believe. You can recognize this by thinking about the challenges you’ve overcome in your life, remembering the periods you didn’t know if you could make it… and yet knowing somehow that you did. .youtube { overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:56.25%;

veterans and hearing loss

Hearing Loss and How to Deal With It

There are a variety of technologies that assist individuals with hearing loss to participate in daily activities, and assistive listening devices (HATS) can help reduce background noise and amplify the sounds you want to hear. .youtube { overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:56.25%; position:relative; height:0; } .youtube iframe { left:0; top:0; height:100%; width:100%; position:absolute; }