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Lung cancer screening can be a lifesaver

VA News – Lung Cancer affects almost 8,000 Veterans every year and the VA encourages you to discuss lung cancer screening with your VA health care provider today. If you want to talk to your VA provider about lung cancer screening, call your VA care team or visit My HealtheVet. You may qualify for lung cancer screening if you: Are 50- to 80-years old Smoke cigarettes now or quit within the

VA disability compensation

What VA disability compensation can do for you

Many Veterans may not be aware of life-changing benefits they’ve earned through military service, and this outreach kit can help them get the health care benefits they deserve. You may qualify for VA disability compensation for physical and mental health conditions that developed before, during or after service. VA offers disability compensation – a monthly tax-free payment – to Veterans who got sick or injured while serving in the military and to Veterans

va chaplain services

Collaborating with VA Chaplain Services

VA Chaplain Services is another tool in your arsenal for helping care for your loved one and there are VA services that can help in the areas where you’re struggling, and your loved ones will do better as a result. Chaplain coverage is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, particularly in urgent situations or emergencies, and every VA Medical Center (VAMC) has a chapel available for use by

telehealth services

Don’t let winter woes weigh on your wellness

It’s easy to feel like hibernating all winter, when a seasonal change can trigger significant mood shifts. It’s important to continue your health care during the winter months, however, and the VA’s many virtual care options can help. You can have video telehealth visits for physical health concerns or meet with a mental health provider, which can be especially important during winter months. learn more  

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VA ready for growing population of older Veterans

The VA is continuing to build on its recent efforts to become the largest specialized geriatric emergency care provider in the U.S., with more than half of all VA emergency department visits involving a Veteran over the age of 65. Since starting this initiative in 2019, VA now has 67 accredited geriatric emergency departments (GED) spread out across the country, meaning that staff are dedicated to the unique needs of an

suicide and crisis lifeline

Don’t hesitate to have those difficult conversations about suicide

Suicide behavior is universal, and it knows no boundaries. It is not a personal issue, it’s a societal issue, and it’s everyone’s business and responsibility. If you know someone who is suffering, be there. Be a good human. Put them ahead of yourself. The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline offers 24/7 calls, texts and chat access to trained crisis counselors who can help people experiencing suicidal, substance use, mental health crisis,

reducing injuries

Are you injury prone?

Injuries are rarely completely unavoidable accidents and you can prevent injuries by understanding the various types of injuries and knowing which ones pose a risk to you. Some injuries are easily recognized, like broken bones, cuts, bruises and concussions – but did you know that pain, pulled muscles, stress fractures, sunburn, animal bites, poisonings and electric shocks are all also injuries? learn more  

angels of the battlefield

Honoring Medical Personnel Who Went Above Call of Duty

Six medical professionals from across the armed services recently earned honors as Angels of the Battlefield, a title bestowed upon them by the Armed Services-YMCA in honor of military medical personnel and first responders for their life-saving medical treatment and trauma care of service members, partner forces, and civilians at home and abroad. The honorees represent the branches of the U.S. Armed Services and the Defense Health Agency and were selected

hearing therapy

Hearing Injury Therapies Help Doctors Improve Patient Outcomes

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, hearing loss can impact readiness and is a serious issue for service members but advancements in hearing health care may lead to better outcomes for those impacted by hearing issues. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) occurs rapidly over a 72-hour period and is often very difficult to diagnose and treat. Patients with SSNHL may not present with a complaint of hearing loss at first

the brandon act

Brandon Act to Improve Mental Health Support

The three military departments have officially implemented phase one of the Brandon Act, ensuring any active duty service member may seek mental health assistance confidentially, for any reason, at any time, and in any environment. The DOD policy required the secretaries of the military departments to establish policy, assign responsibilities, and provide procedures for service members wanting to self-initiate a referral for a mental health treatment. learn more