veteran usability project

Blind Veterans can now read decision letters

For the first time ever, blind Veterans can now read their VA benefits decision letters immediately, online, inside the VA Health and Benefits mobile app. This new feature is part of VA’s move to improve its accessibility, a significant improvement over previously waiting ten days to receive letters in the mail. VA is committed to ensuring all Veterans have access to its services, taking an accessibility beyond compliance approach, meaning accessibility

medical service corps

Medical Service Corps: 106 years of diverse health service

Home to a diverse collection of Soldiers in more than 20 specialties, Medical Service Corps officers have provided health care to veterans, Soldiers and their families for 106 years, including behavioral health, laboratory sciences, preventative medicine, administrative health services, aeromedical evacuation, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry and health service maintenance. There are now more than 8,000 National Guard, reserve and active-duty Soldiers support Army medicine on the battlefield and on garrisons as Medical

veteran eye health

Vision Center of Excellence Sponsoring Landmark Eye Health Study

Vision health is critical to force readiness, so much so that eye problems can cut a military career short. A recently launched study could lead to better tracking of eye health over a service member’s career to prevent future eye conditions. The study began in July 2022 to determine whether a comprehensive baseline military eye examination requirement should be established across the services to fill gaps in information and improve warfighter

military working dogs

Military Working Dog Registry Established to Improve Care

The Department of Defense established a registry for military working dogs (MWDs) that allows military veterinarians and working dog handlers to improve the training and medical care provided to these highly trained canine war-fighters. In the last two decades, more than 4,000 MWDs dogs were injured in combat, but detailed information on the dogs’ injuries and treatments were not captured in any existing database, making it difficult to do any research