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Mental Health Awareness Month highlights resources available for those in need

Coming at a time when active-duty and veteran suicides are at alarming levels, the U.S. Army are making efforts to help Soldiers and their families be aware of mental health problems and offer support and services to those who need them. Not everyone who faces mental health problems is suicidal, but situations can negatively impact daily life for those who have anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, trauma, eating disorders and other

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Together for Mental Health

Health is wealth, especially when dealing with mental well-being. Mental health is a core component of overall health, and a holistic perspective allows individuals to deal with their cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being head on. Mental health is essential for an overall productive and happy life. However, in the military, there is a large stigma against seeking assistance due to the fear of being treated or perceived differently. Mental Health Awareness Month

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Despite a low profile, Commissioned Corps nurses are proud to serve

The Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service is one of the nation’s seven uniformed services, having no enlisted personnel and being part of the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s the opportunity for growth, for career progression, and leadership opportunities. And you get all of those benefits as far as your career, but then you get to serve people who are underserved. People who don’t have access to


Hundreds of lives lost in home oxygen fires, our new report reveals

Over 500 fires involving home oxygen, resulting in over 300 deaths including two firefighters, have been reported by the US media since 2017, our new study – Firebreaks: A risk-based approach to safer home oxygen delivery – has revealed. There were also reports of over 130 serious injuries, including a further two firefighters, as well as injuries to nearly 200 other people, among them 17 firefighters and two police officers,

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Helping Veterans dispel myths about VA health care

When you talk to other Veterans, are you surprised to learn they don’t get their health care through VA? By sharing this information, you can help them understand VA #healthcare and encourage them to access the care they deserve. Visit to learn more about eligibility and apply today. If you are already enrolled, please help us do some myth-busting and encourage other Veterans to apply.

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Can a Concussion Affect Hearing and Vision?

A concussion can cause inner ear (vestibular) damage which may result in dizziness, anxiety, depression, moodiness, balance problems and irritability to name a few. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, a physical therapist for the Fort Drum Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Clinic, New York, answers your questions. learn more  

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Ringing in Your Ears Might Be a Sign of Hearing Loss

Linked to their work environments, many service members and veterans suffer from tinnitus, a symptom of hearing loss that causes people to hear a constant noise – typically described as a ringing or buzzing. Tinnitus is usually connected to hearing loss but it can also affect your concentration, reaction time and short-term memory, and can be associated with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. More veterans make benefits claims for tinnitus and hearing

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Navy Veteran heart happy after special procedure

TNearly one year ago to the day, Walter Meekins, a Vietnam Veteran from Cleveland, Texas, became a candidate for a special procedure called a percutaneous coronary intervention protected stent. “We knew the procedure went well but the real success is when our Veterans go home and live happy lives,” said Interventional cardiologist Dr. Mirza Umair Khalid. “Seeing Mr. Meekins here a year later feeling so great is incredibly rewarding for us

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Vet Centers help with readjustment

Vet Centers – VA’s storefront centers staffed by combat Veterans who understand what it’s like to transition – helped these Veterans get connected to community resources, VA benefits and services, and find someone to listen to their experiences. Enrolling for VA health care is easier than ever before. Explore your eligibility today at learn more  

CMSgt Jason David

Mental Stress is like a ‘Check Engine Light’ Flashing – Don’t Ignore It

For Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Jason David, the problem of “combat stress” and the toll it takes on warfighters and their families continues to be an issue that the #military community struggles to fully understand. The physical and mental recovery of combat stress “takes a toll on yourself, your family, and your livelihood,” said Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Jason David, the chief enlisted manager for the Defense Media Activity.