suicide prevention

Suicide prevention: Staying in touch with friends and family

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and put yourself last, especially around the holidays. In fact, Veterans were trained to put others’ needs ahead of their own. Everyone faces struggles in life, and no one can get through them alone. To stay mentally and physically healthy, you can’t wait until everything piles up. You can’t wait for a crisis to happen. You have to reach out for support

hearing therapy

Hearing Injury Therapies Help Doctors Improve Patient Outcomes

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, hearing loss can impact readiness and is a serious issue for service members but advancements in hearing health care may lead to better outcomes for those impacted by hearing issues. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) occurs rapidly over a 72-hour period and is often very difficult to diagnose and treat. Patients with SSNHL may not present with a complaint of hearing loss at first

Secretary Denis McDonough

Town hall with VA Secretary Denis McDonough

In a special town hall event, VA Secretary Denis McDonough addressed the top requested concerns from Veterans and their families, caregivers and survivors. VA is determined to provide Veterans efficient, quality service and recognizes that timeliness is an important aspect of that service. VA encourages Veterans that have questions about their claim or disability rating to contact VA at 1-800-MyVA411 (1-800-698-2411). learn more   .youtube {

leashes of valor

Discover how one leash can save two lives

Leashes of Valor (LOV) is a nonprofit organization that supports Veterans by pairing them with psychiatric service dogs at no cost to post-9/11 Veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other “unseen” wounds of military service. LOV continues its mission to aid Veteran recovery and raise awareness and provide space for Veterans and their families, friends and dogs. learn more  

military family

Military Family Advisory Network wants to hear from Veterans

The Military Family Support Programming Survey provides a comprehensive look into the support needs of military-connected families, helping capture what matters most to our nation’s military and Veterans. Covering topics like childcare, employment, family relationships, financial readiness, food insecurity, health and well-being, housing and military-to-civilian transition, all members of military households are encouraged to participate in the survey, including active duty military personnel, Veterans and their spouses. learn more

flu shot family

Stay healthy together: Get your flu shot now

It’s that time of year, the start of flu season. No-cost flu shots are now available to eligible #Veterans at your local VA medical center, in-network community pharmacies, or urgent care locations nationwide. Getting your flu shot is an easy way to help keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy. Be a part of the solution to a healthier community by getting your flu shot today. To find an

hearing protection

How Fit Testing Saves Hearing and Ensures Readiness

The Department of Defense will soon require fit testing for hearing protection to guard against permanent hearing loss when exposed to high noise levels like firearms, explosives, and vehicle noise exposure on- or off-duty. There are potential issues with current hearing protective device standards that fit testing can address, and current standards for selecting and issuing hearing protection are designed to ensure roughly 95% of all individuals who use a device

health care delivery

Improving Health Care Delivery to Joint Force

The Military Health System is changing how they organize to counter threats that surround them, how they deliver care on the battlefield or at home, and how they leverage the tools and technologies of this digital age to better service their patients. To strengthen the management of health care delivery, combat support and support to the military health enterprise worldwide, the Defense Health Agency launched phase one of its DHA Advancement

breast health

Breast cancer care for deployed Veterans with the SERVICE Act

One in eight women will have breast cancer and the VA understands how startling that number can be. The VA has your back when it comes to assessing your risk, including the Supporting Expanded Review for Veterans in Combat Environment (SERVICE) Act. Breast cancer support and resources available through VA include: Breast cancer screening (including mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRI) Breast biopsy and surgery Cancer diagnosis and treatment Full-service oncology (the study and treatment of tumors) Connection

service dog

Unlocking the power of pets in Suicide Prevention

Our dogs often understand our moods better than we do ourselves, providing a deep sense of trust while assuring us that we are not alone in our struggles. They are true companions in every sense. suicide prevention involves understanding risk factors, protective factors, agency resources, and the support systems comprising friends and family. It is about recognizing the signs, knowing when to intervene, and where to find help. So let’s not