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Emergency Preparedness – Before, During, and After the Storm

Mid-Cities Medical believes in the importance of patient education and emergency preparedness. It is important to understand where to get local resource assistance, emergency assistance, and what limits may be applied after an emergency event.

Before an emergency disaster or event occurs, it is important that Oxygen and Ventilator patients take advantage of local resources. In most areas, dialing 2-1-1 will get you in contact with local resource management. This is where patients and caregivers can get organization names and phone numbers to help with a wide range of issues, including food assistance, power restoration priority rates, emergency evacuation assistance, and much more. Be sure when calling 2-1-1 that you ask about community assistance for Veterans, Veteran Caregivers, and other programs.

Anytime there is a life-threatening event, dial 9-1-1. When you are in immediate danger or in need of emergency assistance, dialing 9-1-1 connects you with Emergency Management Services (EMS), Police, Fire, and Ambulance. It is important to remember, in the middle of some major emergency events, these EMS teams can be taxed beyond acceptable limits, be given “stop work” safety orders, or they themselves be trapped by the event. While we always plan for their assistance being available, in a widespread nature event these services may not always be able to help until long after the storm or event has passed.

Event assistance before, during, and after an event. Because Mid-Cities Medical is not part of the local EMS response team, we are required to follow the directions of those in charge of the event. This means that if no one is being allowed into an area because it has not been deemed “safe,” we cannot ignore local authorities and proceed anyway. Patients that choose to stay during a hurricane, flood, or other event should be prepared to live independently for three days to several weeks without power or support. Once your area is cleared for non-EMS support, medical staff and others are allowed back into the area to deliver oxygen and provide service.

To safely help everyone involved in your care, prepare before the storm with local resources and call Mid-Cities Medical for oxygen back-up, down equipment, and service needs. After the storm when EMS releases the area, contact Mid-Cities Medical for assistance.

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Excessive Heat warning to persist throughout the month. Be sure to have a cooling plan should your air conditioner go out. For assistance dial 2-1-1 for local assistance programs.

The VA Medical Centers are continuing home inspections to make sure that patients are compliant with the Home Oxygen and Ventilator program guidelines. Patients needing No Smoking signs please ask for your replacement when the Customer Relations Clerk calls for your order.


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Post Hurricane clean up continues throughout the region. Patient that are experiencing power outages or still in need of emergency back-up support please reach out to us at 1-833-986-4267. Our local office will help provide for your emergency back-up needs until power is restored to your region.

The VA Medical Center is performing home visits. The VA staff will be looking at overall program compliance and safety needs. Please be sure that if you need a No Smoking sign or other safety equipment, please let your technician or Customer Representative know when they call.


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A Tucson patients that have not transitioned should be aware that the VA will be sending out final notice letters this month. Patients that do not respond and do not transition will be removed from the program. If you are one of these patients, removal from the VA program would require you to pay out of pocket for your future oxygen services. Should you need to be transitioned please call 1-833-986-4267.

Travel Requests Notification: For patients wishing to travel or return home from a recent trip, please provide your travel information 2-4 weeks in advance. If not provided with two weeks’ notice, the VA Medical Center may deny last-minute requests. Before submitting a travel request, patients should be prepared with travel dates, setup address, phone number, and contact information, including your mode of travel – flying, driving, bus, train, or private car – including estimated total time of the trip. Equipment provisions will be based upon the information given to the VA Medical Center or Mid-Cities Medical staff.

Veterans Affairs Home Oxygen Manual

Please read through this Veterans Affairs Home Oxygen Instruction Manual, as it will help you become familiar with the program and your new equipment. If you should have any questions, call us toll-free:

VISN 17 – Texas (888) 450-6676
VISN 22 – Arizona (833) 986-4267
VISN 22 – Southern California (833) 986-4267

Hearing Impaired patients may use the Texas Relay by calling (800) 735-2988.