What You Need to Know

In all areas, VA staff are continuing home inspections. All VA Medical Centers are focusing on smoking patients and fire safety issues and are visiting patients to ensure that each patient’s fire safety valve is in-place, installed properly, and are compliant with fire safety guidelines.

hurricane preparednesss

It’s hurricane season. Are you ready?

Do not try to prepare for a hurricane or any emergency when it happens or as an afterthought. Whether the prediction is for a mild or active, the time to be prepared and be ready is now.

Planning to protect the people and things you love as we enter hurricane season is essential, and there are ways you can prepare and mitigate damage to your home and remain safe during the storm:

  • Find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone.
  • Locate the nearest shelter if you need to leave your home.
  • Review/update insurance policies.
  • Plan to protect your home.
  • Build or replenish your emergency kit with hurricane supplies.
  • Create, be familiar and test your family plan.
  • Stay informed with the latest local and national information.
wildfire preparedness

Are you prepared for wildfire season?

Every year, devastating wildfires burn across the United States and while these fires will continue to happen, by working together residents can make their own property and their neighborhood much safer from wildfire.

Changes made to a structure and its surroundings can make a big impact and the first 0 to 5 feet around the structure, known as the immediate zone, has the greatest impact on your risk.

Important Emergency Preparation Steps

  • Review all available safety components.
  • Create and have an evacuation plan for your residence.
  • Take as much oxygen and ventilation equipment with you, should you need to evacuate.
  • Contact Mid-Cities Medical for emergency assistance and setup. You will need to provide us with your evacuation address and contact details.
  • Texas – 1 (888) 450-6676
  • CA & AZ – 1 (833) 986-4267

If you have any oxygen or ventilation preparation questions during these ongoing events, or need emergency assistance, please contact our offices:

emergency preparedness

VISN 17 – Texas, 1 (888) 450-6676
VISN 22 – Arizona, 1 (833) 986-4267
VISN 22 – Southern California, 1 (833) 986-4267
CalOx Inc. – 1 (866) 519-2414

Travel Requests Notification: For patients wishing to travel or return home from a recent trip, please provide your travel information 2-4 weeks in advance. If not provided with two weeks’ notice, the VA Medical Center may deny last-minute requests. Before submitting a travel request, patients should be prepared with travel dates, setup address, phone number, and contact information, including your mode of travel – flying, driving, bus, train, or private car – including estimated total time of the trip. Equipment provisions will be based upon the information given to the VA Medical Center or Mid-Cities Medical staff.

Text Messages from Mid-Cities Medical

In today’s information-rich and distraction-filled world, Mid-Cities Medical wants to ensure its patients can quickly and easily receive crucial (and possibly lifesaving) information. That’s where a communication tool like SMS notifications comes into play.

Starting this month, we will begin sending text messages to our patient’s mobile phones to share timely and relevant notifications, such as Emergency Alerts, Appointment Reminders, Important Announcements, and Account Updates.

Mid-Cities Medical is confident our patients will appreciate these timely and relevant updates and encourage you to provide current mobile phone details – including Emergency Contact numbers – to one of our team members as soon as possible; or during your next scheduled technician visit.

sms messaging

Let us know if you have any questions concerning this new and exciting way of staying informed and up-to-date, and Mid-Cities Medical will continue to provide “World-Class Customer Service” to our Veteran patients, their Caregivers, and our VA Customers.

Veterans Affairs Home Oxygen Manual

Please read through this Veterans Affairs Home Oxygen Instruction Manual, as it will help you become familiar with the program and your new equipment. If you should have any questions, call us toll-free:

  • Texas Patients: 1 (888) 450-6676 or (972) 641-7445
  • Arizona Patients: Phoenix VA: 1 (888) 986-4267, Tucson VA: 1 (888) 986-4267, Prescott VA: 1 (866) 519-2414 (Calox)
  • California Patients: 1 (833) 986-4267
  • Hearing Impaired patients may use the Texas Relay by calling (800) 735-2988.