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The VA Medical Centers are continuing Home Inspections into 2024, looking for fire safety and other safety concerns. They are specifically checking for No Smoking signs, working smoke detectors, and Fire Safety Valves. The values must be installed properly in the oxygen tubing.

Additionally, Spring storms are coming. Please be sure that you are emergency aware and prepared. Preparations should include power outages, emergency alerts, and home evacuation plans. If you have not already reached out to your local 2-1-1, please do so. They can help you contact local agencies for assistance.


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The VA Medical Centers are continuing Home Inspection into 2024. They are looking for Fire and safety concerns as well as patient understanding. It is important that you know your prescription, how to reach Mid-Cities Medical, and have your oxygen equipment and supplies properly in use. Fire safety includes no smoking signs, working smoke detectors, and installed Fire Safety Valve.


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Tucson – Patient routing changes are coming as Mid-Cities Medical finalizes current routing. In our attempt to improve overall performance, patients may see a change of route day, route technician, or both. The balancing of routes is performed as patients census rise and fall in the region, as it is important to ensure proper care for ALL patients.

Phoenix – The transition has begun in the Phoenix area and Mid-Cities Medical is reaching out to patients to get you transitioned as quickly as possible. Transition Coordinators are performing calls 24-48 hours in advance to schedule. Should you call back after the route day, they can put you on the next month’s route day. We are transferring patients as quickly as possible and look forward to providing you “World Class Customer Service” soon.

Travel Requests Notification: For patients wishing to travel or return home from a recent trip, please provide your travel information 2-4 weeks in advance. If not provided with two weeks’ notice, the VA Medical Center may deny last-minute requests. Before submitting a travel request, patients should be prepared with travel dates, setup address, phone number, and contact information, including your mode of travel – flying, driving, bus, train, or private car – including estimated total time of the trip. Equipment provisions will be based upon the information given to the VA Medical Center or Mid-Cities Medical staff.

Veterans Affairs Home Oxygen Manual

Please read through this Veterans Affairs Home Oxygen Instruction Manual, as it will help you become familiar with the program and your new equipment. If you should have any questions, call us toll-free:

VISN 17 – Texas (888) 450-6676
VISN 22 – Arizona (833) 986-4267
VISN 22 – Southern California (833) 986-4267

Hearing Impaired patients may use the Texas Relay by calling (800) 735-2988.