wounded warriors

Wounded Warriors and Caregivers Online Resources

There are a lot of places for Wounded Warriors & their caretakers to go online for information or support, & the Defense Health Agency’s Recovery Coordination Program ensures uniform guidelines & standards for their care. The Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program consists of several programs, including the NRD, the Education and Employment Initiative, Operation Warfighter, the Military Adaptive Sports Program, Caregiver Support, the Caregiver Resource Directory and the Warrior Care blog.

veteran jobs

VA and Heroes Foundation create employment opportunities for Veterans

VA and the Heroes Foundation work to improve Veterans’ health and wellbeing, providing opportunities for economic stability, community Veteran engagement boards, employment and health literacy. Most importantly, it will raise employer awareness of the risk factors of suicide and VA suicide prevention tools for Veterans. This is vital. Research shows that lack of employment and low income can contribute to poor Veteran health outcomes. That includes suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.

water therapy

Aquatic therapy helps Veterans overcome physical and cognitive challenges

Veterans are referred to participate in aquatic therapy for a variety of reasons that include chronic pain, obesity, metabolic pathologies, depression, PTSD and neurological disorders and conditions, as well as the need to improve their overall physical. Aquatic therapy programs provide Veterans with a unique experience that helps to improve their individual health related goals, extends benefits experienced through earlier phases of physical therapy and treatment, and provides education on strengthening,

cancer screening

Cancer screenings help save lives. Schedule your VA preventive screening today.

The earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance treatment will be successful. VA recommends routine screenings for four cancers: lung, colon and rectal (colorectal), breast and cervical. Age and certain risk factors, such as a past or current history of smoking and family history, all determine when you qualify for a cancer screening. Delays in screenings mean delays in timely diagnoses. This is why it’s so important to get your


Since Gulf War, Advanced Prosthetic Technology Saves Lives, Careers

Since the first Gulf War ended in early 1991, military medicine and battlefield care has made enormous strides with the use of modern-day prosthetic limbs. Because of some of the lessons learned and the innovations that have taken place on the battlefield, whether they be in acute resuscitative care, or tourniquets, or rapid med-evac, the VA is taking care of service members who in previous conflicts would have died. The first step

military working dogs

DHA Spearheads Effort for Working Dog Research Collaboration

Military Working Dogs provide a critical force protection capability and are an important force multiplier for the combatant commander, and the Defense Health Agency’s Veterinary Service is at the forefront of the effort to develop and foster working dog knowledge sharing and research. Military working dogs have been a valuable part of the U.S. armed forces and have been officially recognized since WWII. In the past, these dogs could warn troops

carpal tunnel

VA doctor perform revolutionary “awake” hand surgeries

VA surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Baker performed the first ever ‘awake’ carpal tunnel surgery at the Charlotte VA Health Care Center, a 10-15 minute procedure that can help a lot of Veterans. Baker, who will operate out of Charlotte one day per month, performed five cases on his opening day in Charlotte and anticipates doing ten each morning going forward. With more than a third of surgical referrals coming from the Charlotte

new baby

Expecting a Baby? Here’s How TRICARE Can Help

You just learned you’re going to be a mom. Congratulations – this is a happy and exciting milestone in your life. But you may also feel nervous about what comes next, and that’s okay. New mothers often have questions about their health care coverage & what they can do to promote a healthy pregnancy. TRICARE provides access to maternity care resources and services to help mothers and their babies get the


Best Practices for Bedside Teaching

Patients who learn about their health and medical care are better at improving their well-being, and well-educated patients can lead to better compliance with treatment plans and improve outcomes. Using best practices will enhance the patient’s comprehension of their condition and prevent or minimize complications from their chronic disease. Respiratory therapists providing bedside care should incorporate patient education during that time. learn more  


Exploring the latest trends for Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators

The delivery of inhaled pulmonary vasodilators (iPVD) and its ability to affect pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) without impacting the systemic vasculature has produced improvements in both morbidity and mortality in patients. Today, targeted PVR therapy comes in several forms. To appreciate the current state of iPVDs, we will review the current knowledge of vascular tone modulation and the available pharmacological agents used. Therefore, considerations in providing this service should include the individual