2023 Holiday Calendar


4th Labor Day – OFFICE CLOSED
9th California Admission Day (CA)
11th Patriot Day
15th National POW/MIA Recognition Day
18th Air Force Birthday
22nd Native American Day (CA)
24th Gold Star Mother’s Day
29th Texas American Indian Heritage Day (TX)

1st Monday runs 08-31-23
4th Friday runs 09-22-23

*Mercedes only
1st Wednesday runs 08-31-23
1st Tuesday runs 09-05-23
1st Monday runs 09-06-23

*Redlands only
3rd Wednesday runs 09-20-23
3rd Thursday runs 09-21-23
4th Thursday runs 09-28-23
4th Friday runs 09-29-233

labor day


the great seal of the state of california

California Admission Day (CA)

patriot day

Patriot Day


National POW/MIA Recognition Day

united states air force

Air Force Birthday

native american heritage

Native American Day (CA)

gold star family

Gold Star Mother's Day

Texas American Indian Heritage Day (TX)

yom kippur

Yom Kippur (TX)

christopher columbus

Columbus Day & Indigenous People’s Day (OFFICE CLOSED)


Navy Birthday

white cane safety

White Cane Safety Day

worlds best boss

Bosses' Day




5th Yom Kippur (TX)
10th Columbus Day & Indigenous People’s Day – OFFICE CLOSED
13th Navy Birthday
15th White Cane Safety Day
17th Bosses’ Day
31st Halloween

3rd Monday runs 10-23-23
4th Monday runs 10-30-23

*Mercedes only
1st Monday runs 10-02-23
1st Tuesday runs 10-03-23

*Redlands only
3rd Wednesday runs 10-18-23
3rd Thursday runs 10-19-23
4th Thursday runs 10-26-23
4th Friday runs 10-27-23


1st Native American Heritage month
5th Time change set clock back one hour
7th Election Day (TX)
10th Marine Corps Birthday
11th Veterans’ Day – OFFICE CLOSED
23rd & 24th – Thanksgiving – OFFICE CLOSED
native american heritage

Native American Heritage Month

daylight saving time

Daylight Saving (Fall Back)


Election Day

marine corps birthday

Marine Corps Birthday

veterans day

Veterans' Day (OFFICE CLOSED)


Thanksgiving Day (OFFICE CLOSED)

Mid-Cities Medical

Mid-Cities Home Medical Delivery Service wants to wish each of the VA Prosthetics and Pulmonary Staff members, Doctors and Patients a very safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.

As always, we are here to serve you and your oxygen needs throughout the holiday season. If you need us for an emergency, please call us at (888) 450-6676 Toll-Free (TX) or (833) 986-4267 Toll Free (CA).