Company Credit Card Agreement

Company Credit Card Agreement

I understand that, in order to properly perform my job responsibilities, it may be necessary or helpful from time to time for me to incur certain expenses for which the Company will reimburse me. I further agree that, to facilitate the handling of certain Company expenses, I have been issued and authorized to use the following credit cards, which are owned by the Company:
In connection with my use of these credit cards, I agree that:
  1. The credit card belongs to the Company and I will immediately surrender it upon request.
  2. I will not allow anyone, other than myself, to use the credit cards for any purpose.
  3. I will not use credit cards for any reason other than approved business uses. Approved business uses include reasonable expenditures for purchase of supplies and inventory, customer entertainment, business travel expenses, fuel and pre-approved maintenance on any company-owned vehicle that I may drive.
  4. If there is any uncertainty about the amount or propriety of any particular expenses, I will not make the charge without prior approval from the Company.
  5. I will immediately report, to the Company, the loss or theft of any credit card.
  6. I will immediately report, to the Company, any charges that appear to be fraudulent or unauthorized, to ensure charges may be investigated promptly. Fraudulent charges that are not immediately identified may become my responsibility. I will enroll in fraud alerts to assist in fraud prevention.
  7. The Company retains the sole discretion to determine the reasonableness and propriety of any expense. I will be solely responsible to pay all charges incurred by me that the Company deems to be excessive in amount, personal, or otherwise unauthorized.
  8. When traveling for pre-approved business purposes, per diem fees for hotels and meals should not exceed the Company’s current per diem rate. The Company’s per diem rates are generally commensurate with the government’s (i.e., monthly rates per local area.
  9. Alcoholic beverages are not to be charged to the Company card. However, the Company’s sales director and managers may request exemptions from management for marketing events.
  10. No re-occurring charges are to be arranged on the Company card, with the exception of those arranged by executive directors. A copy of cancellation confirmation will be required for any pre-approved re-occurring charges upon return or cancellation of a credit card to ensure no unauthorized charges are incurred by the Company and subsequently by the employee.
  11. I will obtain and provide the Company with the itemized, detailed receipt (not the summary receipt) for every charge that I make on the credit card, to include tip when applicable. Any tips paid will be 15% or less. I understand that any charge for which an itemized receipt is not provided is unauthorized and my sole responsibility to pay.
  12. I understand that 100% of my receipts must be provided to match my statement and turned in to my supervisor by the monthly deadline. Failure to produce all receipts may result in corrective action. I will make a note on all receipts for charges in which it is not clearly evident what was purchased (e.g., fuel, hotel).
By my signature below, I consent to the terms of this Agreement, and specifically authorize the Company to deduct from my paycheck all charges, including interest, fees and other charges, on excessive, personal, or unauthorized charges made by me. I understand that such excessive, personal, or unauthorized charges will be deducted from my next paycheck after the Company notifies me in writing of any excessive, personal, or unauthorized charges. Even though I may reimburse the Company for excessive, personal or unauthorized charges, I understand that violations of this Agreement may also result in corrective action, including termination of employment.
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