Employee Handbook Acknowledgment

Acknowledgment (pg. 81)

If you have not already, make certain you have also signed pages 82 and 83
of the Mid-Cities Medical Employee Handbook.

This Employee Handbook supersedes and replaces all previous employee handbooks.

I acknowledge that I have received the Company Employee Handbook. I understand the information contained in it represents guidelines only, which may be modified from time to time with or without notice. I understand that neither the Handbook’s policies nor any representation made by a management representative, at the time of hire or subsequently, are to be interpreted as a contract between the Company and any of its employees.

I understand that my employment with the Company is for an unspecified term and may be terminated at the will of either the Company or myself, with or without reason or cause, and with or without notice. No words or actions of the Company will be deemed to create an express or implied contract of employment or require the Company to have good cause for terminating my employment. No Company representative is empowered or authorized to modify this at-will relationship other than the Owner and any modification of this at-will relationship must be in writing and signed by me or my representative and the Owner.

I have read (or will read) the Company Employee Handbook and will refer to it as questions arise. For further clarification, I will discuss any policy with my supervisor or Human Resources.