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VA Benefits that Pass on to Family Members

VA Health & Benefits – Can your loved ones use your VA benefits when you pass? Here are six VA benefits that are available to Veterans’ surviving family members. Need an immediate answer, call 1-800-698-2411. .youtube { overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:60%; position:relative; height:0; } .youtube iframe { left:0; top:0; height:100%; width:100%; position:absolute; }

How do thyroid conditions affect women?

VA News – Women Veterans: Have you experienced a significant shift in your weight, mood, energy, temperature tolerance, periods or skin and hair? It may be your thyroid, a common issue among women. The thyroid makes hormones that help to control many vital functions of your body, affecting physical energy, temperature, weight, mood and menstrual cycle, as well as several other bodily functions. When your thyroid doesn’t work properly, it can

Nurses in the Military Health System are making a difference. – Nurses of all backgrounds, ranks, and roles are an essential part of the DHA mission of improving health and building readiness, providing services beyond their roles in military hospital and clinics. Nursing teams roles include: Serving in research labs and classrooms. Working in classrooms as teachers and mentors. Evaluating informatics to improve patient care systems. Leading the optimization of the DHA. Integrating and standardizing nursing practices across the continuum of care.

Get free assistance from an American Corporate Partners’ career mentor

VA News – In 2023, a record number of post-9/11 Veterans found new positions, got promoted, and grew their civilian network with the American Corporate Partner (ACP) Mentor’s free assistance. ACP will hand-pick a Mentor based on your career interests and professional history, creating a tailored action plan for the mentorship and help guide you through the mentorship experience to ensure success. Whether you are actively searching for a new career

Empowering Veterans with Low Vision and Blindness

DigitalVA – More than one million Veterans navigate the world with low vision or blindness, and the VA actively seeks and implements cutting-edge assistive technology to help Veterans with low vision and blindness reclaim their independence and thrive. Remarkable advancements have reshaped the accessibility landscape and VA apps are evolving to offer intuitive audio interfaces. These improvements paint a picture of a future where technology serves as a bridge, not a

Manage your VA care while traveling

VA News – Travel planning can feel overwhelming, especially if you have complex health needs. Whether you’re traveling in-state or out of the country, My HealtheVet, VA’s online patient portal, makes it easy to manage your health care. VA highly recommends that you notify your health care team four to six weeks before travel, particularly if you need medication refills or regular medical appointments.

Veteran News – May 2024, Vol. 18, Issue 05

The Department of Defense’s federal electronic health records system, MHS (Military Health System) GENESIS, helps the DOD and the VA deliver on the promise made to those who serve our country to provide seamless care from their first day of active service to the transition to veteran status.