Empowering Veterans Against Smishing Threats


DigitalVA – Smishing is when scammers try to steal your personal and banking information through unsolicited text messages, and Veterans may be targeted because of their service to this nation, as scammers impersonate government officials and agencies.

Look out for urgent or threatening language in messages, as scammers often try to create panic and pressure you into immediate action. VA, and other legitimate organizations, will never request sensitive information like passwords or financial details through text messages.

Veterans, you can take steps to protect yourselves from potential scams and fraudulent activities:

  • Confirm the legitimacy of message senders by cross-checking information using official channels like the official website or documents; avoid replying directly to texts.
  • Be cautious of clicking on links in messages, as smishing often involves deceptive links that may lead to malware.
  • Keep your smartphones secure by installing and regularly updating security software to detect and block smishing attempts.
  • Ensure your phone settings are on automatic updates for the latest patches and fixes.
  • Strengthen your account security by enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Your vigilance is key to keeping your personal information safe.